A smoke shop, also known as a tobacco shop, is a retail store that specializes in selling tobacco products and related accessories. These shops typically offer a range of items, including:

What Is A Smoke Shop
What Is A Smoke Shop

Cigarettes and Cigars

Smoke shops often sell various brands and types of cigarettes and cigars, including specialty and premium options.

Pipe Tobacco

They may offer a selection of loose tobacco for pipe smokers, along with different flavors and blends.

Smoking Pipes and Hookahs

These shops often carry a variety of smoking pipes, ranging from simple to elaborate designs, as well as hookahs (water pipes) used for smoking flavored tobacco.

Rolling Papers and Accessories

Smoke shops provide rolling papers, filters, and rollers for those who prefer to roll their own cigarettes.

Lighters and Ashtrays

Various lighters, ranging from basic to high-end, and ashtrays in different styles and materials.

Other Smoking Accessories

This can include items like pipe cleaners, cigar cutters, humidors for storing cigars, and other tools related to consuming tobacco products.

Smoke shops may also sell non-tobacco products, such as incense, novelty items, or smoking cessation products like nicotine gum or patches. The inventory and focus of a smoke shop can vary greatly depending on local laws and the target clientele. In some regions, smoke shops also include a selection of vaping products. However, this is more typically the domain of vape shops.